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Milk & Honey’s Avocado & Smoked Gouda Sandwich

I adore exploring the diverse and booming restaurant scene in Chicago. There’s nothing quite like that moment when you realize you’ve found something special. It can arrive in a variety of ways, from the bustling atmosphere, a servers warm smile and accommodating nature, the first sip of a craft cocktail or even a pleasant surprise when the bill arrives. We all know that moment, it’s the moment when you remind yourself mentally (or via the notepad app in your iPhone) that you must return for a second time.

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Red Wine Spaghetti

When I think back on past Valentines Day, I’m reminded of some hazy memories that involve myself, my couch, a box of chocolates and a big, fat bottle of red wine. While things have been slightly different this past year, I wanted to share a recipe that involves at least one V-day favorite: red wine. However, instead of … Continue reading Red Wine Spaghetti

Restaurant Spotlight: Via Veneto

I can’t say no to Italian food. Dipping warm bread in oil. The al-dente handmade noodles. Luscious red wine. The scent of sauteed garlic with onions. Anything with balsamic vinegar. I’m a sucker for all of it and completely embrace my Itali-obsession. So, you probably can understand my excitement when I was invited to try a local family-owned restaurant in the Lincolnwood … Continue reading Restaurant Spotlight: Via Veneto