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Non- Pareils

I believe it was my sophomore year of college when I decided to join, momentairly, our schools “English Club.” As a declared English major, I was on the mailing list for all things literary and as I skimmed the Introductory first meeting e-mail, where “all new people are welcome,” I figured, why not? So, I dragged my fellow English major friend Kaitlyn along, because of course, I couldn’t dare go alone, unbeknownst to most people.

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Now Playing – “Prophecy” – Remy Zero with a side of “Chocolate” – Snow Patrol

Uh oh. It has been three weeks since my last post. I am legitimately cringing as I write this. I don’t really have an excuse, so I’m not going to make one up. Over the past few weeks, I have been busy at work but I have also been eating and cooking some delicious food. Then, as I drift off asleep every night, my mind wanders with clever stories and opening lines I could use for allanabytes, and then I wake up, forget them and spend my day trying to deconstruct the dream I had where I was a bridesmaid in the Royal Wedding and magically teleported myself from my lobby, to Paris, to the dressing room of Kate Middleton and the Queen.

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