Sable Kitchen

Lately, I’ve been having this recurring dream that I’m on Top Chef.¬†Unfortunately, something must be off, because I keep losing. “Allana, please, pack your knives and go.” Suddenly, I wake up in a furious daze, sweat dripping down my face, heart beating super fast. I find myself confused. I swerve around my room, grabbing for … More Sable Kitchen

Weekend away

There are many things I love about NYC. The old brownstones, the subway, the hot dog stands everywhere, the random celebrity I spot walking down 5th avenue. Ya know, the usual. But I forgot how much I loathe the taxi system. In the span of an hour, I failed miserably twice at trying to catch … More Weekend away

High on Life

Last week, as I was sitting in my parents kitchen, eating something delicious, I couldn’t help but burst at the seams telling them how excited I was to run my first 5k the following weekend. ¬†This is how that conversation went down.

Getting “it”

A few days ago, I turned 24. In the months leading up to the big, earth-shattering event, a friend (a 24-year old friend) kept reminding me on an almost daily basis, that until I turned one year older, I simply wouldn’t “get it.”