Getting “it”

I know. The truth hurts.

A few days ago, I turned 24. In the months leading up to the big, earth-shattering event, a friend (a 24-year old friend) kept reminding me on an almost daily basis, that until I turned one year older, I simply wouldn’t “get it.”

“You don’t get it, do you?”

“You think you get ‘it,’ but you really don’t.”

“Ooooooh, ya get it? YEAH, you can’t because you’re not 24.”

(On my actual birthday) “OMG, YOU FINALLY GET IT????”

Maybe you’re wondering what “it” is, or maybe you, yourself, actually “get it.” Well, here I am, shouting from the rooftops, as a 24 year old woman, someone who is one year older and clearly none the wiser BECAUSE I STILL DON’T GET IT.

So, I’m going to throw out a few suggestions. So please, let this marinate and then holla back. Because if you “get it,” I’d really love to grab coffee and chat sometime.

1) “It,” being unless I write everyday, my blog will go nowhere and you all will forget about me. Hence, making myself buy a pin that says “YOUR BLOG SUCKS,” that I now keep on my bedside table just to remind me not to be absolutely sucky on a daily basis.

2) “It,” meaning life. Which can really mean a million different things. Life, like why am I still single? Life, like why did that person have to die? Life, like why did that company hire little miss prissy proper pants over me? Life, like seriously, what’s with this pimple? Life, like why can’t I ever keep down a shot of jaeger? Life, why is he such an asshole? See? It’s the important questions in life that truly go unanswered. (Because, what? Apparently, if I got “it,” I could answer all these questions and more?)

3) “It,” meaning absolutely nothing. So, what exactly am I supposed to “get?” It’s nothing, right? Should I really be waiting for that one moment when the lightbulb will spark and Keebler elves will run around in my head, screaming, “SHE GETS IT” while also serving me shortbread cookies?!? That will never happen. Except for in that commercial with the sisters and the mom from Knocked Up.

4) “It,” meaning everything. The company hires the girl who blogs everyday. I don’t blog everyday so I don’t get the job. OH, I GET IT. (It’s everything). Stress causes pimples. I freak out, I break out. I GET IT. You force a shot of jaeger down my throat after 6+ beers and half a bottle of wine and most normal people would get sick. Okay, got it!

But perhaps, none of my wacky, non-sensical ideas actually attribute to the true meaning of “getting it,” of which, I am currently working on getting. But, it is a process, I am sure.

To be honest, I have been working on “getting it,” recently, which I believe has attributed to my absence on this thang. Sadly, my mind has been preoccupied with other life-shattering events, such as a minor but really kind of major car accident, recovering from catching a burglar trying to climb into our kitchen window, stressing about I’m going to run a 5k and not cramp up, and truly figuring out what I want this blog to be.

I think my brother put it best when he facebook messaged me the other day.

Matt– Hey what happened to your blog. It really changed. Your getting way to hipster haha.

Lan– (After explaining just because I live in Wicker Park, have bangs, rock a leather jacket I bought at target for $20 and wear toms, I am so not a hipster) I’m trying to take it in a new direction, but I’m not getting rid of the food bytes at all

Matt– Seems like it. I don’t know, just my thoughts. All your doing is putting up songs and  little quotes, who can’t do that?

Lan– Maybe I will use this conversation as inspiration.

And so, a’la inspiration. Thanks, brother. But in all honesty, homeboy is right. The lack of food has been seriously lacking lately, and let me just take a minute to explain. One “excuse” could be my new kitchen in my apartment. Lets just say, the cooking I’ve been doing now is a little different than the cooking I was doing for 22 years. Before, I was blessed to work in a massive kitchen, overlooking the city of Chicago, with Enya playing in the background, and access to endless amounts of cooking supplies any foodie could ever wish for. Mom, Dad, thank you for that. Now, unfortunately, with limited counter space, comes limited motivation.

Another big part of my month-long hiatus has to do with the concept of the bytes in general. You see, along with everything else, I’ve been blessed with a bad case of A.D.D. I simply can’t focus on one thing, ever. Case in point? When I was little, my mom would attempt to go over math flashcards with me. “Allana, read this – 4 x 4? What does that equal?” Meanwhile, I would be sitting sideways on a chair, legs dangling off the edges, leaning my head backwards off the chair, attempting some sort of gymnastic move, only to come up screaming random numbers. “FIVE!,” “NINETY-FOUR!,” “TWENTY-FIVE!” (I really hated math).

So, recently, my mind has been in a trillion places, thinking of new ideas every day. Sunday, I want to make another website. Monday, I want to write about that cupcake I ate on Sunday. Tuesday, I want to make videos. Wednesday, I want to tweet. Thursdays, I want to write about t.v., pop culture, and wonder how in the world Kim Kardash spent millions of dollars on a wedding only to blow it all 72 days later with the big d-word. You can see, I’m a little scatterbrained. (I’ll probably want to write about that on Friday).

Unfortunately, instead of writing about all these ideas, I took an absence. I figured it was better to try and “get it,” first, before I started writing. Seems that dumb idea went down the toilet when, almost a month later, I haven’t blogged and I still haven’t “got it.” So, truly, I apologize.

That would be me.

HEY – yes, you. For those people who skipped all the way down to the bottom and only half-read this post (screw you, first off). But, please – just read this. Bytes is back. She’s a little confused, a little scatterbrained, but she’s writing again. And she will continue to write – a lot. Because, the big lesson is here, people – if you don’t write everyday, you will get nowhere, sink into oblivion and never become famous. So, don’t abandon me, yet, please!

What I’ve been feeling like lately (photo courtesy –

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