The year of the photobooth

Last week, I decided I was “over” winter.


Yep. I went to the Bahamas. Pretty crazy, right? It was totally wild. At first, I was like, “Hmm, maybe a trip to the Bahamas seems a little outrageous” but then, life’s been pretty outrageous these days.

Okay, I’m totally kidding. I didn’t bask in the Bahamian sun – but thanks to the photobooth app on my computer, IT TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE I DID. Isn’t technology awesome?

Oooh, I can’t believe it’s 2013 and it’s already the end of January. Talk about time flyin’! It’s truly insane how much has happened in a year. Of all the years, this has got to be the craziest. 2012, you took the cake. Or, the cookies.

City Bakery

You see, I work next to a bakery … THAT’S FAMOUS FOR THEIR COOKIES. While this doesn’t particularly help my situation or any of my “resolutions,” sometimes, you just have to indulge. (Big emphasis on the”sometimes”). Honestly though, the people at City Bakery know how to make some sweets. The cookie tastes like butter, okay?! It’s delicious and I’m totally getting one next week. The hot chocolate is life-changing too but along with the cookie, well, it might kill you. Ugh, decisions. They’re the worst, aren’t they?

2012 was truly the year of great eats. New York is foodie heaven and every day I’m amazed by the food culture and while I’m still learning, it’s been a total adventure discovering all there is to byte around here. Funny story, actually. Last week, a friend told me about a great steak he had at Minetta Taven. Mid-convo, I freaked because I realized I knew the bartender there. I obviously got over-excited and exclaimed to another foodie friend that we had to go eat at Minetta, because I knew the bartender and I could totally get us the hook-up (AKA, free dessert). Turns out, my bartender friend does NOT work at Minetta, but rather at a restaurant called Minerva.

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me,” I thought, after sending the dumb text “Hiiii, do we need a reso for 2 people at noon tomorrow? You work at Minetta, right?” Oops.

I’m sorry, but both restaurants are IN the same neighborhood. Cut a girl some slack! That big ‘oops’ on my part just goes to show how large in scale restaurants are here in NYC. One day, I will make it to Minetta. Minerva, too.

Salmon heaven

Now, lets talk about my meal today at Mercer Kitchen. Since my friend had himself a little “in,” (thank god for friends that bartend), we were treated to quite the feast. Hands down though, the highlight was the salmon appetizer. Sliced paper thin, the fish sat atop a light layer of chipotle mayo that was smeared across a small square of fried. sushi. RICE. Bursting with flavor, those little nuggets melted right on my tongue and my god, life changed. I’ll be going back just for that dish. And if you, any of you New Yorkers, have been to MK and haven’t tried the salmon bites – go back for them, please.

Burger JointBurger Joint

Tucked inside of the Parker Meriden in Midtown West, Burger Joint is supposed to have one of the best patties in the city. The restaurant itself, is teeny-tiny. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a restaurant. More like a small room, total rock & roll vibe, kitchen, counter, bar stools and small booths. Fun movie posters on the wall, as well. Another foodie friend texted me a few weeks back, exclaiming we had to go. I browsed the menu and realized no entree exceeded $8. I was in.

While I wouldn’t say it was the best burger I’ve had (sorry, but nothing holds a candle to the #1 at DMK), it was an experience and sometimes, thats better than a great burger. “Makin’ memories,” my grandpa always used to say, “You’re makin’ memories.” And that, we did.


Beer time. Last weekend, my co-workers & I took a field trip to the Brooklyn Brewery. Not only did we get a specialized tour with the funniest hipster I’ve ever encountered, we experienced the brewery on a Saturday afternoon and that in itself, is magic. We arrived at noon and immediately got started on the tour and by 1, the place was a madhouse. Huge picnic tables were scattered in the front room and despite the fact that parties of two “held tables” with bags of chips and refused to move, the scene and overall vibe totally ruled. Plus, is there really anything better than an ice cold Sorachi Ace? I think not. (Mmm, except maybe an ice cold Matilda).


Up next? I’ve gotta venture on the East River Ferry. Friends upon friends upon friends have told me how fabulous the ride is and yes, while I’m aware it’s snowy & sleety & super gross out, I’m hoping it magically turns warm soon so I can enjoy the magic of the ferry.

Till then, I’ll just be foolin’ around on photobooth.


Top Chef


Keep eating & tweeting, babies!



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