Happy 3rd of July!

Today is the best day ever. July 3rd! 3rd of July! America, my celebration for you begins a day early. Slip into your red, white & blue party clothes people – we’re makin’ moves. tumblr_inline_mi6c6khmeM1qz4rgp

My friends & I have been celebrating the 3rd of July for ten years now and I kid you not, it’s my favorite holiday. The 3rd is a rebellious holiday of sorts considering most Americans (like you, dear readers) celebrate on July 4th. So, who knows what my 15 or 16 year-old self was thinking when she decided her celebration would be on the 3rd. However, once it was decided, the 3rd of July stuck on our calendar like a national holiday. Oooooh, young bytes, breakin’ all the rules.

You see, what started as an excuse for friends to grill and watch the fireworks together has turned into a yearly summer party where my best friends & I hang out and celebrate. Dress code is quite strict – red, white & blue only and if you think I’m kidding, I’ll have you know that I’ve never forgotten that year you wore yellow, Katie. The food always changes, menu themes vary year by year but this time around we’re sticking to basic homemade burgers, chili dogs, fun apps & classic desserts.

This year, deciding to throw the 3rd was a toss-up considering the crazy but amazing fiasco of last years party. Note to all – putting an event on Facebook isn’t always the best idea. Last time this year I was living in New York and since I was flying home for the 3rd, I thought it’d be appropriate to have a “welcome home party / 3rd of july / come hang out with bytes” type shindig that literally took off faster than Amanda Bynes on Twitter. Who knew everyone who RSVP’d would actually show up? I’m not kidding when I tell you there were probably 80+ people in our house at one point. Yikes, thinking about it gives me the willies! Now, was the party amazingly fun? Of course. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see people – friends I hadn’t seen in months just stopped by to say “hi” and with the night finally ending at 4 a.m. with a few of us just sitting around the kitchen table talking, I couldn’t have asked for a better party. It was an insanely wild night, one I’ll (or my parents) will never forget. Sadly, I think we need one more year to fully recover.

Regardless, I wanted to share a few favorite photos from the 3rd in years past. And yes, that hat I’m wearing – it makes a yearly appearance. Kinda sorta can’t wait to rock it later!208576_1004809917931_781_n 264_1019789892421_2865_n 183692_1003079354668_5332_n 553832_3848996980830_1198539678_n 37588_1455534745770_8253369_n 208320_1004810597948_3004_n545165_10150892649951432_1972329084_nWhile this year should be semi-tame in relation to last, I truly want to wish everyone a happy & safe 3rd (and okay, 4th) of July. No matter what you’re doing on this fabulous holiday, I just hope you have fun with delectable eats & drinks! Stay tuned here Thursday for a proper update of our celebration and be sure to follow me on Instagram to check some play-by-plays of the 3rd as well! With a couple bottles of sparkling rosé in the fridge, I can guarantee at least one of us will have fun!

And finally, I’m so pumped to share some of my blogs that have appeared on Gourmet Gardens. Be sure to check out my latest post, all about this famed little holiday. This week, I share with readers a recipe using the herbs for a “deconstructed” guacamole of sorts. If you’re looking for a quick & delicious appetizer for your holiday celebrations, look no further – Bytes to the rescue!

Happy 3rd, you beautiful people, you!

xx, bytes

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