Sable Kitchen

Lately, I’ve been having this recurring dream that I’m on Top Chef.¬†Unfortunately, something must be off, because I keep losing. “Allana, please, pack your knives and go.” Suddenly, I wake up in a furious daze, sweat dripping down my face, heart beating super fast. I find myself confused. I swerve around my room, grabbing for … More Sable Kitchen

Non- Pareils

I believe it was my sophomore year of college when I decided to join, momentairly, our schools “English Club.” As a declared English major, I was on the mailing list for all things literary and as I skimmed the Introductory first meeting e-mail, where “all new people are welcome,” I figured, why not? So, I … More Non- Pareils

Purple & Popovers

Now Playing – “Oh” – Eric Hutchinson One of the reasons I post my “Now Playing,” (insert cool song and artist here) every time, is to showcase what song exemplifies my mood while I’m writing. Today is a very joyful day. And, if you turn on the song “Oh,” by Eric Hutchinson and don’t start … More Purple & Popovers

Cheers to a You-Tube “past,” cheesecake present & brownie future.

Now Playing – Make You Feel My Love – Adele To know me, is to know I ¬†have an obsession with all things you-tube. For many of my friends, facebook, twitter or a quick late night food run would suffice as a normal break from I.S., our senior thesis /independent-study-goodbye-social-life-massive-100+page paper, all Wooster students are … More Cheers to a You-Tube “past,” cheesecake present & brownie future.

Ah, Valentines.

Now Playing – “I and love and you” / “Kick Drum Heart” – The Avett Brothers I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. I love the desserts – I hate almost everything else. Ever since I was little, I think I’ve dreamed of always having a fairy-tale, completely over the top Valentine’s Day, probably … More Ah, Valentines.