The day I discovered the French Market

Imagine a place where all your dreams come true. Where mounds of artisanal cheese are stacked to perfection and the cheesemonger just happens to be a cute 20-something with thick-rimmed glasses and a sheepish smile. Where you can get made-to-order buttery crêpes filled with vanilla lavender cream. Where pomme frites come overflowing in a homemade piped wrapper. … More The day I discovered the French Market

In Chicago, we eat!

I’ve been back in Chicago for about a month and there has been a lot of eating. And it’s been awe-some.  “Get me a pizza,” she cries, tears streaming down her face, “Deep dish – WITH TOPPINGS!”


“Mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare” (eat to live & not live to eat) Last week, I was indulging in a late lunch, sipping on Prosecco and noshing on bread & oil when someone asked me where my passion for writing and food came about. “Italy.”


In my life, there are two different types of brunch. First, the “Sunday morning, I’m so hungover, let’s go the diner around the corner NOW” brunch. We all know the drill. You wake up in a haze, sometimes still drunk, sometimes alone, sometimes not – and you gather the strength to roll over and grab … More Brunching

Sable Kitchen

Lately, I’ve been having this recurring dream that I’m on Top Chef. Unfortunately, something must be off, because I keep losing. “Allana, please, pack your knives and go.” Suddenly, I wake up in a furious daze, sweat dripping down my face, heart beating super fast. I find myself confused. I swerve around my room, grabbing for … More Sable Kitchen

High on Life

Last week, as I was sitting in my parents kitchen, eating something delicious, I couldn’t help but burst at the seams telling them how excited I was to run my first 5k the following weekend.  This is how that conversation went down.