In Chicago, we eat!

I’ve been back in Chicago for about a month and there has been a lot of eating. And it’s been awe-some. Pizza

“Get me a pizza,” she cries, tears streaming down her face, “Deep dish – WITH TOPPINGS!”

I must attribute my food-centric activities to the simple fact that I’ve been out of this city for a year. If I am Columbus, the epicurean epicenter of Chi-town is my new world, baby. And now, while unemployed and broke, I’ve been eating, drinking (and running!) with what little money I’ve salvaged, slowly sinking into a food coma of epic proportions. Soft-serve on a Tuesday with Grandma? Definitely.

Kilwin's“Oh, you’ve never been to Peaquods? ME EITHER, LETS GO RIGHT NOW”

PeaquodsWhen it’s 80 degrees and sunny, you will tell yourself it’s acceptable to sit outside and get drunk alone.

MartiniBut then you do and next thing you know, this is happening.

DSC_0651And after making the drive from New York to Chicago, this will be waiting for you at the kitchen table.

cheesecakeWhen you wake up the next morning, this.

Apricot smoothieFor the love of God, these will be there too.

PopoversAnd now, wherever I go, the food speaks to me.


It’s true. And I love it.

Thankfully, my knees haven’t given out quite yet and I’m able to counteract all the food with a healthy dose of endorphins along the lake. But that doesn’t mean when I walk in the door, I don’t crave a BLT. I’m only human.

In reality though, it is great to be home. I don’t pay rent, my parents have a new ‘nespresso machine, I can walk to the beach and most days, I get to hang in my room, apply for jobs and refresh my gmail hoping (wait, PRAYING) that I get the j-o-b over those twerps who just graduated college. Damn youth! Killin’ us 20-somethings!

And I left New York, why exactly?

The strange thing is, I’ve been asking myself that question more than I thought I would. On the one hand, I feel more at home in Chicago. (“Duh, this place is your home,” I think to myself). On the other hand, I really miss my life in New York. The non-stop energy, the people who let me into their lives, the food (mmmm, Momofuku) and yeah – my jobs. Was I doing what I loved in New York? Yes & no, but I was slowly but surely makin’ it work.

Will I eventually make it work in Chicago? Of course. Will I re-discover the wacky energy and re-connect with the people whose lives I’ve been in for years – yes, and yes. Will the pang of missing my New York life ever get easier? Yes. And, dear universe, will I ever find an apartment again in Wicker Park that cost me $420 in rent?

No, bytes, you probably won’t.

But alas, I am officially back. I can think of about a million things I want do and about 3 things I can actually afford right now. Chicago, it’s good to be here. Thank god I can blog from the porch.


Keep eating! xxx, Bytes

2 thoughts on “In Chicago, we eat!

  1. Hi! OMG! I finally had the chance to check out your blog! And another OMG! You are so funny & a very talented writer ( & very beautiful as I’ve told you way back when we used to work together.) I don’t even know if this will ever reach your attention, if not I’ll try it so many more ways till I get it right. Good Luck to you & I promise to check out your blogs more! You can definitely make it in Chicago Miss AllanaBytes!!! Miss you here in NYC!

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