Because who doesn’t love guest posting?!

So, its certainly been more than a hot second since my last post, but I swear I have an excuse. I recently moved into my first apartment (insert excitement here & watch this video, too!), hence the lack of writing. Besides working & getting settled in, I’ve been extremely preoccupied with galavanting around my new neighborhood, Wicker Park. There are oodles of restaurants, bars, and shops that have quickly caught my eye and sadly, that has led to the neglect of allanabytes over the past few weeks. But please, don’t give up hope quite yet.

As far as transistions go, things are going swimmingly. What I’m most excited about, however, is how this change is going to affect allanabytes. No longer will I have access to a workspace I liked to call the “kitchen of eden”, also known as, the greatest kitchen there ever was. It’s going to be an adventure, one I’m looking forward to tackling very soon.

Now, I’m seemingly getting ahead of myself here. I wanted to do an entirely separate blog post about moving to Wicker Park and the things I’ve eaten, some surprise guests that have made appearances and so on – and I will. But this post is not that – it’s something different and something I’m very excited to finally share!

So, the last thing I baked while still living & breathing in the kitchen of eden, was a fabulous batch of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I’m not even a fan of macadamia nuts, nor white chocolate, but per the request of some co-workers, I caved and whipped up a batch. And I must say, they were ridiculously good. After bringing one batch to work, and getting a positive response, I knew exactly what I had to do with my second batch.

Now before I share this guest post with you, a post that was originated as a response to how fabulous these cookies actually are, I want to quickly defend myself, as you will understand once you start reading. Ahem …I am a woman of broken promises. I believe it stems from two things. My ADD / overly excited, overly working mind & the “people-pleaser” in me. When someone asks me to do something, I either need to do it right away, or I forget. “Sure, I’ll do the laundry, Mom.” Three hours later, I forgot, and I’ve got a pile of dirty laundry sitting on the floor next to me, while I watch t.v. & paint my nails. The thought just legitimately slips my mind. “Oh, sure, I’ll send you cookies.” I  make a mental note to bake the cookies on Monday, it’s suddenly Saturday and the thought again, has slipped my mind. It’s not that I didn’t want to do laundry, or I didn’t want to bake the cookies – I simply forgot. Then,  life seems to catch up with me, things pile on, and I’m swamped – and the cookies, the laundry, the letter I was supposed to mail out two weeks ago, suddenly fall to the bottom of my “to-do” (“no seriously, get this done today”) list. As I slowly work my way up the “no, seriously” list, the weights are slowly lifted off my shoulders, the cookies are finally in the mail and I can now finally post this fabulous guest post that is, truly fabulous.

So, Logan LaBerge, dear friend, fellow Wooster alum, fabulous writer, here is your allanabytes debut!

Hi everyone. I’ve never made a blog post before so you’ll have to bear with me. So what follows is a tale that took place over a years time. I’m sure at the end most of you will be amazed that it took so long and …well…I’d have to say that I am surprised too.

So about a year ago, I made the simple request of Ms. Allana Mortell on Facebook:

“OK so here’s an idea. When you go to learn how to cook, formally, you can send me cakes in the mail. Deal? Ok sounds good” (Yes this is an exact quote, I feel like it adds to the story).

Anyway, I was soon informed that her cookies were the bomb and she already knew how to cook. I asked her, “Do you need my address Allana? Or did you already stalk it out.” She explained  that all I had to do was “Text me yo addy – considering I lost all my numbers. Boooooooo” (I was surprised too as I was not informed that 1. Someone actually says “Text me yo addy” anymore and that 2.  Allana moonlighted as a ghost) .

So I sent her my address over text message and waited for some scrumptious confections to appear on my doorstep. That day however, never came. I waited, like some jilted bride at the altar, for these promised sweets to grace my presence but I never got them. After being patient for a month or two, I inquired after these apparently delicious treats. Allana responded with a picture of cookies on a cooling rack explaining they were on their way. Again, I waited by the door every day at 3 when the mailman whose name is Carl to putter up in his truck on my street (incidentally, waiting like a puppy by the mailbox causes one to get to know the mailman pretty well. Carl, if you are a follower of Allanabytes, Susie just needs to learn about the real you, you can do it buddy!).

Despite my new found relationship with mailman, the box never came.  I’ll repeat that…THE BOX NEVER CAME. So I was thrown into a cynical despair for months. I even noticed a tailing off of my online purchases because I just didn’t believe that anything would come. I didn’t even go to restaurants because I thought that the waiters would just leave me alone at the table after taking my drink order. Then Allana started this blog to show off her glamorous cooking techniques and experiences. It was almost like she was taunting me for the promise she never fulfilled.

This does have a happy ending. I was recently renewed in my vigor to demand the promised baked goods and what is the best way to get something that is late? Guilt. Pure unadulterated guilt. I turned the pressure on Allana 2 weekends ago and she exclaimed that if she did not get the box to me she would deactivate her facebook.  A pretty hefty claim that abated my skepticism for a while at least.

Sure enough, a Fed-Ex package arrived a week later. In it under the bubble wrap and paper stuffing was a gallon Zip-Lock bag filled with 10 of the most delicious macadamia nut and white chocolate cookies that I have ever tasted. It might have been that it was seasoned with a years-worth of anticipation but I found that they were the first of their kind where I actually felt I tasted the macadamia nut rather than just the white chocolate. The two flavors worked in harmony and came together in this wonderful crumbly cookie. After I lavished my palate with this delectable treat, I soon found out that I had eaten three in one sitting.  I immediately banished them to the cupboard so that I would not eat them all the first day. I instead began using them as little treats for chores (Go to the gym? One cookie!) Sadly, this strategy only lasted a day or maybe two, but all of those late night transgressions to the cupboard were well worth every bite. I was so happy that after all the wait, Allana actually lived up to the hype!

So, what is the moral of this story? The girl can bake…but order early!

* As Logan so lovingly attested, guest posting can be fun! Interested? Contact me ( and not only will I respond in a swift response, I swear baked goods will take about a weeks time. I’ve learned my lesson – thank you, Logan.

Final word on the subject. Allanabytes is back, but in Wicker Park. Stories, food & recipes to come soon. It’s at the top of my “no, seriously,” list.

2 thoughts on “Because who doesn’t love guest posting?!

  1. Glad you are back, my appettite for Allanabytes was ravenous. Congrats on the new digs, cuz. Fill our plates with bits and treasures from the Wick.

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