More, please!

This morning on the bus, I found myself in a bit of a pickle.

Since my usual middle window seat was taken, this time by a woman and her three overstuffed suitcases, which I might add, she claimed were “quite comfortable” and “not going to move,” I shuffled all the way to a lone seat in the back, in between two teenage boys. I cozied in the best I could and sat, awkwardly, while the two boys made conversation in, on and basically all around me.

The boy on my right started to aimlessly tap his foot, not realizing he was tapping directly on top of my pinky toe. The boy on my left, then leaned over to adjust his jeans, I’m assuming, that were halfway down his butt. Bending over, he mumbled something quietly, only raising his voice as he slowly raised his head only to shout out one four letter word that I once spat out at the ripe age of nine, prompting my parents to ground me for weeks.

He screamed this word so loudly, the woman & her suitcase babies even turned around. As one f-bomb was dropped somewhere near my squished toe, another landed directly in my ear. Through my subtle yet ever so awkward body language of trying to shrink myself from the seat, I figured I was making quite the statement. Obviously my fake coughing and elbow nudging did nothing. There was more mumbling, muffled voices, more f-bombs and s-trains, and I’m pretty sure I heard the one on my right tell the one on my left to drag his fat, lazy, unemployed a#% to h-e-double hockey sticks. F-bomb, after f-bomb, after f-bomb, and I was seriously sitting in the middle of the rager. Color me uncomfortable!

The experience, overall, was something I like to call : not real life. Am I surprised this happened? Not really. Does it probably happen often? I’m sure! But, that doesn’t take away from the awkwardness I felt and the sweat drops that made their way down my face, chest and back, fifteen minutes after the world’s most refreshing shower. Woof!

Now, real life. These past few days have brought much happiness to my life. I had a dear friend visit from D.C. whom I hadn’t seen in basically a million years, I watched the final Harry Potter movie and wept like the little girl I am, and had a damn good dinner on Friday night at Old Town Social in Chicago.

It was the perfect night outside – 70-ish degrees, the summer breeze slowly & quietly tangling my damp hair, and a neat little table outside for four. The cocktails, to start, were blissful.

And you wonder where I get it from ...

Next came the appeteezers, which judging by what we ordered, would have been enough for a meal …. if we were anybody else. Not my family. I myself, in particular, like to order just about everything ont the menu. Just to try, really. What can I say? I’m an over-eater! I legitimately¬† have a love affair with all things food!

Goat cheese and lamb sausage flatbread, also known as heaven in my mouth.

It’s physically impossible for me to see mini hot dogs on the menu and not order them. Ditto with grilled corn on the cob, served with a chipotle aioli, parmesan cheese and paprika. All kidding aside, these things sell themselves!

Yes, the word mini can be deceiving. However, I do love me some corn dogs.
Do you really want me to admit we're a family of closet fatties
I had to wash the food down, somehow.

We easily polished off every plate, including a meat & cheese sampler platter I just had to have. No easy feat, let me be honest. We knew we had more food coming – a good amount, in fact. That thought was quickly disclouded once our second round of cocktails arrived.

Cheers, bitches! (Re-read my Vegas post if you haven't to truly understand that meaning)
Yeah, this is happening.

I would call that food porn. For me, at least.

Now, after a big, hearty meal, all I really want to do and all I really ever do, is lay on the couch and watch a bad, trashy movie. Lucky for me, this movie turned out exactly the opposite. Good, and totally not trashy.

In addition to the fabulous storyline & catch-phrases, Happythankyoumoreplease has an all-star cast, was written and directed by the guy from “How I Met Your Mother,” (so you know it’s funny) and has an out of control good soundtrack. Big plus? The trailer, and movie re-introduced me to one of my favorite artists, Jaymay. Enjoy this song, always.

And in the wise words of the movie : go and get yourself loved! (more, please!)

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