Weekend away

There are many things I love about NYC. The old brownstones, the subway, the hot dog stands everywhere, the random celebrity I spot walking down 5th avenue. Ya know, the usual. But I forgot how much I loathe the taxi system.

In the span of an hour, I failed miserably twice at trying to catch a cab. Actually, it wasn’t even my fault. So, okay, it took me a few minutes to find a cab that was empty, but then, I was flat out dismissed! Denied! Rejected.

In the middle of some busy intersection, I frantically ran out twice to the passenger side window of a yellow cab.

“75th between 1st and York!,” I yelled, scrambling to get the door open.

What did he do? HE DROVE OFF. Shook his head and left me, in the middle of the street, dying, sweating bullets trying to simultaneously juggle my cell phone, James Franco tote, and massive shoulder bag, all the while trying to figure out what 75th between 1st and York actually meant.

I’m sorry – I’m speechless. You are a cab driver. I am a paying customer. What the heck!? That’s not how we do in Chicago. 

Then, it happened again! Except this time, the cab driver yelled at me. So, I yelled back.

“I can’t take you there!,” he shrieked to me, through his window.


“You gotta find a cab going north.”

“I’m in a rush! I’m a paying customer!”



An hour later, I was still huffy – but, I was in a cab. Although, I’m pretty sure the universe was trying to tell me something, because I was being transported by the worlds worst cab driver.  I wasn’t aware running a red light was considered safe etiquette for cab drivers in NYC.

Thank god I know the bartender

While drowning my sorrows in ungrateful taxi drivers, I found solace in this beautifully crafted drink. Concocted by one of my favorite people, this drink, which I’m blanking on its real name, lets simply call it the best drink I’ve ever drank.

Best drink I’ve ever drank (Thanks, bartender James Coppinger, you da best)

1 1/2 oz gin

3/4 oz st germain

3/4 oz grapefuit juice

splash of lime juice

rim : a mixture of sugar, sage + a little salt

Seriously – this drink is out of this world good. Not that it matters, but I totally licked that rim clean. I caught some kid at the other end of the bar, staring, most likely in disgust – but hey, now you know – it’s that good. Thanks, James!

Then, the next day, I got the perfect artichoke for lunch. If you’re a loyal follower of this blog, you know I love artichokes. I just think they’re super awkward to eat.  Thank god I was eating alone – I can’t imagine artichokes being the best kind of date food. Not really sexy, more finger-lickin’ good. Especially when they’re served alongside a garlic lemon aioli. 

So awkward to eat. Is there really a proper way to eat these little suckers? I’m still searching for that answer.

Regardless, I’m glad to be back home in Chicago. It’s a perfect day outside, which is a-typical for Mother Nature, and yes, it will probably snow tomorrow – but today is a good day.

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