Bucket List

“And we are far, far from home, but we’re so happy” (click play : such a good song!)

Popular opinion states that time flies by when you’re having fun. Finally (and thankfully) I feel like I can agree with that statement. How it’s already August is beyond me, how I’ve been living here for five + months boggles my mind and I am saddened and shocked summer is coming to an end. It feels like only days ago I sat in Central Park and brought up the idea of a bucket list to my friend C, my savior and favorite midwest –> NYC transplant.

We sat on a blanket with lemonades & munchies talking about how we could and would make our time here valuable, no regrets, sans all the stress. Ergo, bucket list! I’ve still got a way to go (Empire State Building, Jersey Shore, Katz’s Deli, Rent a bike & ride all around the city, find Ryan Gosling, etc) but I have crossed some biggies off my list and now I’m sharing with you in photos!

Spent the whole day in the Hamptons / Montauk playing in the rocks, enjoying my first whole lobster (noms) and finally visiting the famous Wolfer Winery
Coney Island / Luna Park. My two cents? Don’t ride the Cyclone unless you want serious, no joke whip-lash. My neck still hurts. Thank god the beer was cheap, the hot dogs delicious and ice cream cones perfectly coney
Coffee ice cream with spicy chocolate cookie dough from Je & Jo (http://jeandjo.com/). After reading about the organic goodness that is J & J, I knew I had to check it out. Hearty hunks of cookie dough with buttery ice cream? Totally worth the trek to hell’s kitchen
Spent a free Sunday finally eating at the infamous Shake Shack. Snagged a corner seat, sat down with my burger, fries and milkshake and totally indulged. I wasn’t sure if there was anything better than crinkle fries but the burger was insanely awesome. I now understand the madness that is SS. Capped my perfect day off with a viewing of Moonrise Kingdom, which knocked my socks off. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, go now. SRSLY
Taking advantage of NYC restaurant week lunch (25 bucks for 3 courses) at Danny Meyer’s famous, famous faaaaamous Italian, (Q-esque, Chicago!) eatery, Maialino (http://maialinonyc.com/). Homemade cacio e pepe (cheese, black pepper, pasta. Simple and cooked perfectly. Comfort in a bowl)
After a 8 day vacation in Chicago, why not spend your first day back in NYC completely letting loose at one of NY’s most famous brunch eateries – Popover Cafe. Crisp, warm, and crumbly outside. Eggy, soft and buttery inside. Served with strawberry butter. Perfection (http://www.popovercafe.com/)
Cooking at home will always be on my bucket list. Perhaps buying some proper cookware should be next on my list … thank god for muffin tins!
Restaurant week lunch at La Promenade des Anglais (http://www.lapromenadenyc.com/). Skirt steak with citrus salsa verde. Is it weird my first steak dinner in NYC was a solo lunch? Maybe! WORTH IT!
Finding my bearings 🙂

Suffice to say, I’ve been a busy little bytes. The craziest thing is that my internship, the one I moved here for, is now over. Honestly, I’ve got mixed emotions about that whole thing. My entire time frame about NYC was based on the four-five month job and now that it’s finished, I keep questioning everything. What if I hadn’t signed a year-lease? What if I moved back after the job was over? Would it be worth it? My biggest thing about moving here was that I would have to make it 100% worth it – worth the stress, money-loss, pay-cut, lifestyle change, leaving my family, my friends, my comforts / everything, etc. So, while I am certainly sad and some days I do wonder, I’m so glad I stayed. Every weird day, strange interaction, every day I don’t get a seat on the subway … well, I’m chalking it all up to my NY ‘sperience. One day, these stories are going to make one hell of a chapter in my book.

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