Birthday Bytes.

“Allana loved her birthday so much she would start planning the next years party the day after her birthday.” Oh, it’s the truth. This is what we tell people when they ask what our birthday parties were like as kids. My brother Matt loved the presents, I loved the parties. Matt would rather get one … More Birthday Bytes.

In Chicago, we eat!

I’ve been back in Chicago for about a month and there has been a lot of eating. And it’s been awe-some.  “Get me a pizza,” she cries, tears streaming down her face, “Deep dish – WITH TOPPINGS!”

Bucket List

“And we are far, far from home, but we’re so happy” (click play : such a good song!) Popular opinion states that time flies by when you’re having fun. Finally (and thankfully) I feel like I can agree with that statement. How it’s already August is beyond me, how I’ve been living here for five + … More Bucket List

New Yaaaawk

I sleep on an air mattress, I’m living out of a suitcase, I’ve been side-swiped by a cabbie and have fallen down the subway steps, I lug my computer everywhere to take advantage of free internet, I’m sprouting grey hairs from the stress and to top it off, I’m pretty much flat broke.